Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

We love craft beer and believe that local craft malt can support exciting new opportunities for brewers.

So what is craft? We believe that it’s a mindset that always puts quality first. Its not about compromises that undermine the product you produce.

Craft is about innovation. Its about being open to new ways of doing things and experimentation. This and the spirit of collaboration in craft brewing creates great new beers.

A quick Introduction to the team. We are the owners of Shoreline and stand behind our products.

Trent Caseley

Trent has been growing malt barley since 2014 and has years of experience growing milling wheat and other cereals. His experience and connections with the broader farm community ensure our supply of high quality grains.

Jansen Clark

Jansen is our maltster and has trained at the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre. He is working with industry experts to build our malt profiles. While barley malts are Jansen's initial focus, we will have wheat, oat and rye malts very soon.

John Webster

John connects directly with brew masters. He appreciates the range of different beer styles and his attention to detail ensures brewers receive products that meet their needs. Don't be surprised to see John appear in your brewery, testing finished product and chatting about what comes next.

We look forward to working with the craft brewing community.